We do things a little differently here at Buildschool.

As our name suggests, we believe the best way to learn to code is to build products. Coding exercises and theory have their place–but nothing beats real-world experience. That’s why all of our students dive into real projects, for real clients.

If you’ve been to our website recently, you might have noticed that we’ve changed things around a little. Like the figures in our new design, Buildschool students work together. They take ideas and make them a reality. They turn chaos into clarity, and wireframes into polished code.

Our Construction Zone Theme Creates the Vibe of Real Building

Building an app is a lot like building anything else. It takes hard work, dedication, and creativity to see the project through. There are sometimes setbacks, frustrations, and problems–and great apps certainly aren’t built overnight. But nothing beats the fulfillment of shipping a finished product.

Our New Design is a Little More on the Vibrant, Almost Chaotic Side

That’s because it reflects the reality of development. Building an app can be chaotic, messy, and challenging. That’s what makes it so fun! Everyone working on the project is busy pulling their weight in unique ways. Problems are solved, mockups turn into functional prototypes, and the product is built piece by piece. Eventually, all of the chaos comes together into ordered code–and that’s a beautiful thing.

You’ll Also Notice People Working Together Towards a Single Goal

Development is a team effort. It takes exceptional coordination and communication to build stellar products. In fact, being a member of a dev team is a lot like playing in an orchestra. On their own, each individual sounds disjointed. But when everyone is integrated together, they have the potential to create something stunning.

Finally, The Gears on Our Landing Page Are Always Turning

That’s because our work is never done. There’s always another project to tackle. There’s always another problem to solve, and there’s always more to learn. And here at Buildschool we never let up. We not only teach our students how to code, but we teach them how to continue to grow throughout their careers.

Do you want to learn how to code?

We believe in the power of opportunity. That’s why Buildschool is completely free of charge to our students. And if you’re interested in learning how to code with us, you’re in luck! Cohort 5 starts on March 25th, and we’re accepting applications now. If you want to learn how to code by building real apps for real people, make sure to apply!


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