Buildschool is proud to announce that Cohort 4 is nearing graduation! Keep up the good work: Shreef Hagazi, Thanh Tran, Yoon Shin, Matthew Gil, Valerie Don, Lovina Chen, and Sindhu Gudivada!

Our students have come very far indeed in their coding careers. They came to Buildschool from as far away as the finance industry in India, and as close as the specialty coffee shop down the street. Many tested the waters in self-taught courses like Udacity and Coursera and were ready for the benefits of having mentors, peers, structured learning and real project development. Let’s take a step back to see what they have learned and what advice they have to offer to their future cohort peers!

How did Buildschool shape you?

  • I got the opportunity to code and contribute to Allo (a social networking app to build better communities) which is backed by YCombinator, one of the most prominent seed round investors. Buildschool helped me learn iOS in a structured way and I was able to practice algorithms for interviews. I like the fact that I am able to contribute to a real world product and develop features that we see in our day to day life. – Sindhu
  • Being in Buildschool has given me more courage to make mistakes in the process of learning… and life! Being afraid of being wrong has always held me back from taking action, and now with that fear slightly more assuaged, I’ve become more outgoing to express my ideas and try my hand at more challenges. – Lovina
  • I’ve become more comfortable with working out solutions on the spot, have participated more than in any other class that I can recall, and I am more optimistic about my ability to succeed in the tech industry. I feel much less anxious about the day-to-day of an engineering position, because I’ve been able to get as close to that environment as possible while still in a school setting. – Matthew

What is one thing you have learned from your peers in this cohort?

  • I’ve learned that you have to think quickly, speak quickly, concisely and confidently in order for people to listen to you. If you don’t you will lose your chance to speak! You have to be direct and get straight to the point. Confidence is a huge thing. – Val
  • It takes a team to build great products, and you’ll often learn more by surrounding yourself with other engaged people than by working alone. – Matthew
  • Building software is a collaborative effort and at Buildschool I learned how to coordinate and collaborate with others. I got the opportunity to do pair programming which helped me to learn new techniques (Git, code refactoring and organization) from others. – Sindhu

What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone just learning programming?

  • Learn how to manage your frustration, and remember that there’s always a solution ahead. – Matthew
  • If things seem confusing in the beginning and you are lost, don’t give up! It will come to you eventually if you keep working at it. – Lovina
  • What a difference being healthy makes in your learning. Exercise is a big deal for me. When I exercise, I counteract the effects of sitting all day in front of the computer. I can see that my improved posture helped me be more confident when it came to interview questions, sprint meetings, class jeopardy, etc. You will need all the brainpower and energy you can get! – Val

Through real world project development, our students have overcome their fears, gained confidence, and even become healthier! They have not only grown in their engineering abilities, but are ready to tackle the workplace. Congrats Cohort 4!

As this group of all star students prepares to graduate, please subscribe to our newsletter to hear about the projects they’ve completed and their next plans. If you’re inspired to begin your own coding career, please apply now on our Application Page. Cohort 5 starts March 25th!

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