It’s been four coffee-fueled months of daily algo practice, code reviews, taco nights, live apps, mentorship, job hunting, and even some early job offers! 

Big congratulations to Meagan Nolan, Antony Lee, Leslie Ho, Andrew Kyong, Tom Stagnaro, and Nicholas Wong! We are very proud of their hard work and progress. 

Dedicating four months of your life to learning new skills and computer languages can seem daunting. We asked our students to tell us why they chose Buildschool and what advice they have for others who are considering the career jump.

1. What made you want to apply to Buildschool?

After a successful previous career in the military, I chose to focus on iOS dev and CS because of the immense potential mobile apps have for entrepreneurs and because of the rigorous intellectual challenge. After taking a number of college courses in CS, I found that I could not develop the specific skills that the industry demands. I chose Buildschool because I wanted specific expertise and mentorship in iOS dev. Buildschool provides exactly the education and experience that I could not find in higher education. — Tom

“Buildschool provides exactly the education and experience that I could not find in higher education.”

— Tom

I’ve always really liked solving problems and puzzles. Learning how to code seemed like a natural progression for what I enjoyed doing, but I never found the right opportunity to learn how until I found out about Buildschool. — Leslie

2. What’s your favorite part of the week at Buildschool?

Definitely learning more algorithms and feeling that lightbulb moment when the solution finally clicks. — Leslie

My favorite part is when I receive feedback (i.e. code review) that the code I wrote is correct! That might sound trivial but Buildschool has a very high standard for code quality and correctness. When my code reviews are accepted, I know I really accomplished something to be proud of. My second favorite part of the week is testing jam at the end of the week. This is where we test the new features and improvements we made through the week. It’s great to see how our work is encountered by new users. — Tom

3. What tips do you have for studying tricky concepts?

No amount of classroom instruction or video watching will replace self-study and practice. Practice algorithms daily. Focus on solving a few algorithms fluently before moving to more difficult algorithms. — Tom

Ask for help! Buildschool has a huge resource of mentors who have gone through the same program and are willing to help troubleshoot with you when you hit a wall.

— Leslie

4. Other advice for future students

Definitely be open minded. Everyone learns at a different speed and it can be daunting to see the progression of other peers when you might not be making what you think is measurable progress, but even if you don’t see yourself growing, other people definitely do. — Leslie

Treat this experience as if it’s worth $50k. Take advantage of the excellent instruction, personal attention given you, and the opportunity to work on real apps. Buildschool is a career game-changer. Pay the experience the time and effort it deserves and it will pay off immensely. — Tom

We are inspired! 🤩

What are you waiting for? Applications for Cohort 6 are still open. Classes start July 29th! 

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